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Finished #21dayfix last month and got my shirt today! Ready for round 2 @autumncalabrese #beachbody 👈🏼#bestcoachever Bbq Cookoff Kickoff! #yeehaw #houstonrodeo2018 #mymanishandsomeaf Things that make me (still) want to murder Chris. #soclose #dontgiveupnow Happy 6 Months, my doodlebug. #mightymileshtx #6monthsold PART 10 and the END OF OUR NICU NIGHTMARE is up. Thank you so much for reading our story! Reconnecting with some of you ATX girls has been one of my favorites parts @bexbauer @algebraashley ❤️❤️LINK IN BIO #nicubaby #nicugrad #momblogger #momlife Part 9, only one more to go in our 10 part series. THANKS FOR COMING THIS FAR! 💙💙💙💙💙LINK IN BIO #nicu #nicubaby #nicumiracle #momblogger

Me & You in a Blue Canoe


070C2DA2-1B70-4C93-A3F1-809FE78BFA4DI am Mandy and that’s Miles. Welcome! Thank you for dropping by to read our NICU Nightmare story. Spoiler alert: there is a very happy ending. We know that is not always the case and we remember that everyday. We write this story to inform, inspire, and entertain. Subscribe to keep in touch with us and again, welcome!!

Mandy and Mighty Miles C.

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